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Add These Adorable $15 'Yellowstone' Baby Socks to Your Registry Today for Your Mini Rancher

Just when I thought 'Yellowstone' apparel couldn't get any cuter, this happens. These Yellowstone baby socks are stinkin' cute, and I'm buying these for every mom-to-be. I don't care if they're not on your registry, they ought to be (if you're a true Yellowstone fan).

The adorable Yellowstone baby socks are $15 and are officially licensed by the Paramount Network. Not only are they Paramount-approved, but we think Beth Dutton would also be a fan of the unisex Yellowstone Dutton ranch socks.

Best Yellowstone Gear for Babies

1. Yellowstone Logo Baby Socks

The socks are recommended for ages 0-3 years and are made of 77% cotton, 21% nylon, and 2% lycra.

If you know any mommas and daddies who love the Yellowstone TV show, be sure to grab these socks for their little one.

Not only can you buy a cute pair of socks for mini Yellowstone fans in training, but you can also pair the socks with a onesie. These onesies have the Yellowstone Dutton ranch logo or have funny sayings that Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton fans will love!

2. Dutton Ranch Yellowstone Merchandise Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit

This $25 onesie features a snap closure and is made of 100% cotton. Your mini Yellowstone cowboy or cowgirl is going to look too cute in this onesie! Put a little cowboy hat on your baby and have a little fun Instagram photoshoot.

The onesie is unisex and features five colors to choose from, making this perfect for your baby boy or baby girl.

The seller does have a quick turnaround. They will ship within two business days. So add it to your wishlist today.

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3. Yellowstone Don't Make Me Go Beth Dutton On You Baby Bodysuit

Here's a funny short-sleeve onesie for your baby! Sometimes babies have attitudes, so it makes sense.

It also has a snap closure and is made of cotton.

For more Yellowstone apparel, visit Amazon for T-shirts and hoodies.

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