Wrestling Legend Reveals Taylor Swift Used to Babysit His Daughters
(Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

Wrestling Legend Reveals Taylor Swift Used to Babysit His Daughters

Taylor Swift wears a lot of hats. You would think her titanic rise through the country and pop music industries would keep her hands full. But there was a time where Taylor split time as a babysitter too. That's right, she might have been cooking up her biggest hits while taking care of kids. Additionally, it's not just any old stranger she's helping out. She's got connections in the wrestling industry you might not know about.

Recently, wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett appears on a local news show for an interview. He's promoting an upcoming AEW event he's working and spends time running back the tape of his illustrious career. During the interview, he gets the opportunity to expand upon a tidbit of information not a lot of people know or remember. Taylor Swift is basically an honorary member of Jeff Jarrett's family when she serves as babysitter for his 3 girls.

Jarrett's wife Jill Gregory battles breast cancer back in the mid 2000s. With Jarrett working wrestling shows and tending to his wife's illness, it became imperative that he needed help running the house. This is where Swift comes in, being a positive light for his daughters. "Taylor was like a big sister," Jarrett emphasizes. "She came over, took the girls baking cookies, and just hung out at the house. I can't say enough good things about Taylor."

The Relationship Between The Jarrett Family and Taylor Swift Runs Deeper Than You Think

Jarrett's wife passes away in May 2007. Sadness takes over the house back then but Taylor Swift remains a guiding light, particularly for the grieving daughters. It's more than just passive affection for the household too. Swift spotlights one of his daughter's Jacyln and makes the call herself including her. "The 'Mine' video is so creative, and my daughter, Jaclyn, looked like a little Taylor," Jeff recalls. "Taylor, being as bold as she always is, just said, 'I want Jaclyn in the video.'"

Moreover, Jeff Jarrett continues to put Taylor Swift over throughout the interview. He loves following her journey as she weaves through all of the noise in her music and her relationship with Travis Kelce. All he can really do is gush about Swift's ability to keep her head in the midst of it all. "Not only is she uber-creative as an artist, but she also thinks like a businesswoman," Jarrett explains. "Those two skill sets combined, you rarely see. She deserves all the success she has."

Rest assured, Jarrett also says their connection never stemmed from a financial place. Her kindness to the family comes from a sincere place. "I can tell you this right now, she was never on the Jeff Jarrett payroll," he says. "So, technically not a babysitter."