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Dierks Bentley Unveils Rocking Story-Song 'Woman, Amen'

Dierks Bentley keeps evolving his pop-accessible take on his musical roots with "Woman, Amen," a new digital single off forthcoming album The Mountain. This time around, he turned to the rock world to spice up a song grounded in traditional country storytelling.

For going on 15 years, Bentley has recorded a lot of music that suited country radio without overshadowing his love of bluegrass and old-time story-songs. This time around, Bentley gets personal, co-writing lyrics about how wife Cassidy Black gave his life direction after she offered his "drifter's heart a home."

Once again, Bentley tells as rich a story as any Americana underdog could muster without alienating his diverse audience. Instead of dance beats or other modern country tropes, he relies more on the ways indie rockers cooped roots sounds in recent years. The chorus of "whoa-ohs" and cinematic use of stringed instruments was more Mumford and Sons than Louvin Brothers and more Arcade Fire than "Ring of Fire."

There's a little hard rock in the formula as well with former Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Chamberlain behind the kit for this recording. Still, Bentley and co-writers Josh Kear and Ross Copperman's lyrics should please fans of Bentley's more traditionally-grounded material.

In all, the song is a sweet tribute to the woman behind one man's massive success. It doubles as hope that Bentley's next album, slated to arrive later this year, exposes his talents as a vocalist and storyteller to new listeners.

"Woman, Amen" Lyrics

I'd lose my way, yeah, I'd lose my mind
If I faced one day on my own
I know I was saved, the night that she gave
This drifter's heart a home

Every night I should be on my knees
Lord knows how lucky I am
I'll never say it near enough
Thank God, for this woman, amen.

This world has a way of shaking your faith
I've been broken again and again
But I need all the cracks in my shattered heart
'Cause that's where her love gets in.

She gives me faith, she gives me grace
She gives me hope, she gives me strength
She gives me love, love without end
Thank God, for this woman, amen.

Thanks for the moon and the stars up above
Forgiveness of sin and Your undying love
Every twist, every turn for the way You made sure
All my roads led to her.

So, tonight I will fall down on my knees
'Cause Lord knows how lucky I am
I'm gonna shout at the top of my lungs

Thank God, for this woman, amen
Yeah, thank God, for this woman, amen.

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