Johnny Cash Immortalized with Incredible 'Ring of Fire' Statue

Johnny Cash's 1967 performance inside Folsom County Prison marked an important time in the country legend's career. Decades later, the prison is paying tribute to Cash's history-making concert and recordings with the installment of a new statue in his likeness.

Nicknamed "Man In Black", the 40-foot-tall statue depicts Cash, covered with cutouts in the shape of flames. During sunset, the sky makes the statue appear as though his likeness is lit up with fiery glow.

Artist Gary Tillery of The Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt-Amrany is currently working on bringing the statue to life. When it's completed, Tillery hopes to unveil the statue sometime in 2018, depending on the amount of funding the project receives.

The Johnny Cash Trail is a 2.5-mile path that will travel along the edge of the Folsom prison property. The trail will feature eight art pieces, including Tillery's, that will pay tribute to the Man in Black and his lasting legacy.

"His connection and our family's connection will go on in a most beautiful way with the City of Folsom," Rosanne Cash said during the trail's opening ceremonies, "Now this beauty and this connection to nature that he loved so much are going to be here forever."

You can find out more about the Johnny Cash Trail and learn how to donate to the project here.

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Johnny Cash Immortalized with Incredible 'Ring of Fire' Statue