Watch Ryan Seacrest's Heartfelt Tribute To Pat Sajak On 'Wheel Of Fortune'
Photo By X/@RyanSeacrest

Witness Ryan Seacrest's Heartfelt Tribute To Pat Sajak On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

You love to see a peaceful changing of the guard! As everyone and their mother should know by now: Pat Sajak has left the building. The Wheel of Fortune building, to be clear. Vanna White had wonderful words for her long-time game show partner-in-crime. Sajak himself gave us a final message that moistened the driest of eyes. With the world watching, Ryan Seacrest had no choice but to join in on the Sajak serenades.

All across his social media pages, Seacrest had nothing but reverence for his predecessor. "Pat, congratulations on an incredible run with [at]WheelofFortune! Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades. Your partnership with Vanna has been nothing short of iconic, and together, you've created countless wonderful memories for viewers. You've set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era. Best wishes for all your future endeavors!"

I always get the heebie-jeebies whenever someone's signing-off phrase is akin to "best of luck in your future endeavors!" Makes a chill run down my spine as a working stiff, you know?

Ryan Seacrest Honors Pat Sajak With A Sincere Message

Truthfully, Seacrest may have been the perfect successor to the Wheel of Fortune throne this entire time. Per a quote from PEOPLE: "I think I have so much adrenaline rushing through my body. Excitement is the word because it's such a phenomenal show," Seacrest said. "I've been a fan. I grew up watching the show. and I can't wait to take over after the legendary Pat Sajak."

It even seems like fans are embracing Seacrest as the next Wheel of Fortune king now! "Pat and Vanna will always be legends. Good luck Mr.Seacrest I'm sure you'll be a great game show host," one X (formerly Twitter) user remarked!

"Pat and his humor is perfect. Has that attitude of take it or leave. He will be dearly missed. Ryan, you have big shoes to fill but you will do great!!"

You're the man now, dawg! ...God, how long has it been since that internet fossil has been unearthed?