This Beautiful and Hardy Vine Couldn't Be Easier to Care For

There's something about purple flowers that adds character to your home garden. What I love about vines is that they add filler, beauty and usually greenery. These purple flowers clusters add a more vibrant and strong theme to your garden.

The wisteria plant needs well-drained soil and full sun when planted and partial shade throughout its growth. Wisteria vines can grow over 25 feet. If you're looking for color to bring life to your garden year around, wisteria vine is perfect.

The twining stems look amazing on a trellises, fences, pergolas, or at wedding venues. Plant wisteria this fall or spring for vibrant colors. Your fairy garden will look amazing with these!

Blue Moon Wisteria Vine

blue moon wisteria

Since they are climbing vines, you can expect your purple wisteria to reach an unbelievable height! I personally love to make backyard areas look secluded with flowers growing through the fence.

American Wisteria, also known as amethyst falls, or Kentucky Wisteria, are native to the United States. Wisteria can grow over 25 feet if grown in proper soil and in the right amount of sunlight. American wisteria is known for being less aggressive than Asian wisteria. Blooming normally starts in late spring and early summer. Regular pruning in late winter is important for a successful bloom next year.

Chinese Wisteria

The fragrant flowers look gorgeous climbing homes. Flowering vines truly look like something out of a Disney movie.

Japanese Wisteria

Also known as wisteria floribunda, this hardy vine produces an aggressive amount of flower clusters. If you'd like to walk through tunnels of wisteria, Japan is the place to go.

A wisteria tree would be a beautiful tree to grow in your backyard. It would provide an ample amount of shade, with a beautiful view.

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This Beautiful and Hardy Vine Couldn't Be Easier to Care For