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Meet the 3 Winning Couples of Whataburger's #WhataLoveContest

Whataburger just gets Texans, and Texans just get Whataburger. This relationship can be seen from the fierce way Texans defend Whataburger's patty when called "tasteless", the way Whataburger pokes fun at Texas' obsession on Twitter, and in the way customers across the country show up for the orange and white stripes time and time again. Whataburger gives back to its communities, too, and this year's #WhataLoveContest was no different.

What was the #WhataLoveContest? Texas' favorite fast food chain called on fans to upload a photo of themselves to social media and use the #WhataLoveContest hasshtag. The brand was looking for some serious Whataburger power couples that have incorporated the brand and that honey butter into their relationship over the years, and just how they did it. The contest rules stated that the winning couple would receive two Whataburger gift cards to cover the cost of a weekly Whataburger date night.

Equaling 104 meals, or 52 free dates, the contest for free Whataburger took off with flying colors as so many loving photos popped up on social media platforms with the hashtag. After all, who cares about fine dining experiences when free Whataburger is on the table?

The social media campaign paid off and as a surprise, Whataburger chose three winning couples, not just one. In the official rules, it never stated the number of winners, so it's great to see the brand extend the prizes.  So who won the romantic dinner plans? Take a look!

1. Carole and James of Windcrest

2. Bridgette and Larry of San Antonio

3. Chrissy and Cody of College Station

Honorable Mentions

To further highlight their fans across the United States, the chain pulled a few favorite photos from the Whataburger social channels, and some of these images will make you feel better than eating a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Maybe.


Now how sweet are those Whatacouples, y'all! The next time Business Insider tries to say that Texans love In-N-Out more than Whataburger, we have photo proof it's simply not true.

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