Old Timer
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Willie Nelson Explores Luck Ranch in Nostalgic New Video for 'Old Timer'

Less than one month away from his new album release, Willie Nelson keeps on hitting you in the feels. The country legend just released a new video and song from his upcoming record God's Problem Child called "Old Timer."

In the quaint video, Nelson explores his rustic Luck Ranch living quarters west of Austin, Texas. And similar to other videos he's shared, Nelson also sings the tune while reading from a lyric sheet.

"Old Timer" captures a particularly nostalgic feel. From the burn-in effect on the Luck Ranch footage to the lyrics of the song, fans leave the tune with a deep sympathy for the 83-year-old star.

Different shots show Nelson tending to his horses (one particular one shows him and a horse hugging, and it's adorable). He then rides into his own personal "ghost town" of the Luck Ranch and explores the different buildings he set up. The general store. The "Lucky Opry House" and Dance Hall. Nelson takes a moment to recognize all his own memorabilia too. It's all quite touching.

But the lyrics of the song just really nail it all home. "You've been down every highway," he sings. "Burned your shallow bridges. You found forgiveness. You think you're still a young bull rider, but you look in the mirror and see an old timer."

That second verse really gets you too. "You still got dreams inside your head, but some days it's a struggle just to get out of bed." Who can't relate to that? And yet coming from somebody as renowned as Nelson, it takes on a whole new level of meaning.

God's Problem Child comes out April 28, one day before Nelson turns 84 years old. The album features 13 songs, including seven co-written by Nelson and his longtime producer Buddy Cannon.

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The record also opens with "Little House On The Hill," a song Cannon's mother wrote. The video of Cannon playing the song back to his mom went viral a little while back.

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