Watch This Adorable 92-Year-Old Woman Listen to Willie Nelson Sing Her Song

Talk about an incomparable moment for this adorable elderly woman. Years ago, 92-year-old Lyndel Rhodes wrote her first ever song, entitled “Little House on the Hill.” Rhodes recently got the honor of a lifetime when Willie Nelson recorded the song.

Her son, Buddy Cannon, shared a video of Rhodes hearing Nelson sing it for the first time. Cannon is one of country music’s most respected producers and songwriters. He’s worked alongside some of the greats, including Nelson, Dolly Parton and Randy Travis.

But none of that probably compares to the pride he sees in watching his mom hear her music sang by Willie. In the video, Rhodes feet dance about as she beams with pride in hearing the track.

“Whose song is that?” Cannon asks his mom. “Mine,” she replies. “You wrote it?” He asks. “Yeah, I tried to,” she says. It’s a heartwarming moment.

Imagine the joy in your heart after hearing one of your heroes sing something so close to you. Rhodes manages to keep her cool much better than most of us would, that’s for sure.

But maybe that’s because she’s already tasted fame. In 2014, he recorded a video of Rhodes playing the gospel song “Blessed Assurance” on the harmonica. Cannon joined her on guitar.

About 10 months later, a Brazilian site shared the video and it racked up more than 10 million views. So obviously, Willie Nelson was the next step in Rhodes rise to musical fame.

“Little House on the Hill” will apparently be featured on Nelson’s next album, which is still in the works.

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Watch This Adorable 92-Year-Old Woman Listen to Willie Nelson Sing Her Song