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'Biggest White Castle in the World' is Coming to Florida

I hope you're hungry! Popular fast-food restaurant White Castle is finally coming to Florida and we couldn't be more excited. According to the Orlando Business Journal, White Castle restaurant is coming back to the Sunshine State after a 50-year hiatus. Known for their square hamburgers and sliders, the fast-food chain will be opening in O-Town West near Palm Parkway and Daryl Carter Boulevard, only a few minutes from Walt Disney World Resort.

Set to be the biggest in the world, the location will be 4,500 square-feet large. Crews are scheduled to break ground in the next two months and an opening date in late 2020 or early 2021. 

What is White Castle?

Introduced in 1921 by Billy Ingram, the Midwest restaurant chain has grown from a single location built on $700 to over 377 White Castle locations nationwide. Noted as the first hamburger chain in the United States and the inventor of the restaurant "carry-out", the eatery still plays a huge role in the history of American fast food. In the 1980s, White Castle burger was finally available anywhere and everywhere there was a grocery store freezer, launching frozen sliders to the American public.

All About the White Castle Hamburger

What makes a White Castle hamburger different than, say, McDonald's? It's all in the shape. Each square patty is dotted with 5 holes to help cook the burgers faster. The burgers are also different due to how they are cooked. While most burgers are grilled, White Castle hamburgers are prepared by stacking onions on the grill and topping with the patties which are then steamed. Mustard and a pickle are added for the final touch. Because of this, the onion flavor gets through the meat and the buns, making it taste like nothing you've had before.

Cravers (that's what they call big fans) will be excited that they are finally bringing White Castle to the Orlando-area. Joining the burger chain is Illinois-based hot dog chain Portillo's which sells Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef, burgers, and beer. Portillo's is expected to open in late 2020.

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