16 Delicious Flavors of Homemade Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is one of those essential kitchen things that everyone should have a tried-and-true recipe for in their back pocket. It can add texture, flavor, airiness, and even general visual appeal to your favorite desserts, and is a light, yummy alternative to ice cream. It is also the perfect accompaniment to berries and fruit for those days when you just want to add a little sweetness to an otherwise healthy dessert alternative.

Unfortunately, sometimes the simplistic flavor profile of cream can become underwhelming. What used to be an anticipated addition to a dish can easily transform into a been-there-done-that topping. Don't let this happen to one of the greatest transformations that cream has ever undergone, and leave the store-bought cool whip on the shelf. Your hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and cheesecake deserve better.

So grab the granulated sugar, your stand mixer or hand beater, and a chilled bowl. Learn how to spice things up with these 16 unusually delicious additions to your next bowl of fresh whipped cream for your favorite dessert recipes.

Basic Whipped Cream

If you don't already have a basic homemade whipped cream recipe in your arsenal, you need one. It takes patience to get the right consistency of the heavy whipping cream, but once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as pie. It is known to have a high fat content, but enjoy in moderation and it should be fine!

Just make sure you always chill your mixing bowl before you start or else you might be waiting awhile as those soft peaks and stiff peaks form by the grace of your electric mixer. Make sure to stop mixing as soon as your stabilized whipped cream is done to avoid overdoing it! I like a metal bowl because it seems to cool down the quickest in the refrigerator or freezer.

You can use a hand mixer or whip it by hand, but that takes time and effort so if you're in a pinch, get out the ol' Smeg or KitchenAid and use the whisk attachment.

While whipped topping can be a decent substitute, it takes no time at all to whip cream into delicious submission. The prep time is essentially zero, with the total time being around fifteen minutes! The whipping process can also be cathartic, watching heavy cream transform into stiff peaks at a high speed in a large bowl is soothing. Get a great recipe here.

Whipped Cream Additions

Just add a sprinkle or a dash of flavoring to your whipped cream either during the mixing process or afterwards, it depends on the whipped cream recipes you're using.

Remember, homemade whipped cream is by far the greatest party trick you can whip up in a pinch, and flavored whipped cream makes any dessert (or time of day) taste fresh and exciting. If you make it before it's ready to serve, keep it in the fridge in an airtight container.

1. Cocoa

When you add chocolate, it's easy to get a bit out of control with the quantity you consume. Be careful, it pairs well with everything. Add it to your strawberry shortcake for a delicious berry-chocolate combo!

Get a recipe here.

2. Coffee

Think of it like a Starbucks Frappuccino in whipped cream form. You may actually just put a scoop into your coffee.

Pairs well with chocolate and nut-based desserts like milkshakes or waffles. Get a recipe here.

3. Cardamom

Give your tastebuds a more unfamiliar taste to identify. Sprinkle some cardamom into your next batch of cream for something fun and unusual.

This pairs well with chocolate and coffee desserts. Get a recipe here.

4. Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to something is never not a good idea. So next time you whip up a batch of chantilly, dust on the cinnamon (with a heavy hand of course).

Cinnamon whipped cream pairs well with nut and chocolate desserts. Get a recipe here.

5. Chai


This is a spicy addition to a whipped cream. However, it is absolutely perfect to enjoy in the last cold weeks of winter. The flavor will warm you up from the inside out.

Pairs well with coffee, chocolate, and orange desserts. Get a recipe here.

6. Vanilla

The most classic addition to whipped cream just got an upgrade. Try playing with different kinds of vanilla beans or add an extra teaspoon vanilla extract to adjust to the exact taste you like.

As you could guess, this pairs well with everything. Get a recipe here.

7. Bourbon

You can't tell yet, but this liquor will infuse your delicious little dollop of cream with an irresistible smokey taste of bourbon.

Imagine this on our cinnamon whiskey pecan pie, cream pie, or bourbon chocolate brownies. Get a recipe here.

8. Toffee

Who wouldn't want to have these amber gems powdered up and dusted into their whipped cream? Crunchy and tasty.

Pairs well with chocolate, vanilla, and fruity desserts. Get a recipe here.

9. Maple

Forget the sugar next time you make whipped cream. Just add a dash of maple syrup. It will sweeten things right up and scent your desserts with that uniquely delicious flavor of sap.

Pairs well with gingerbread, bacon, and vanilla desserts. Get a recipe here.

10. Peanut Butter

If you're American, then you've probably tried peanut butter on everything. So why wouldn't you try it in whipped cream. It's like injecting air into the best condiment ever invented.

Pairs well with chocolate and peanut butter desserts. Get a recipe here.

11. Lemon Zest

For a fresher, lighter take on whipped cream, add some lemon zest. It will add just enough perfume that you'll enjoy that little hint of something extra to amplify the flavor profile of your favorite desserts.

Pairs well with vanilla, berry, ginger, and chocolate desserts. Get a recipe here.

12. Jasmine

One of the most intoxicating flowers is blooming jasmine. It's heavenly when you smell it, bath in it, and put it in your tea. So you definitely need to try it in your whipped cream and see where the flavors transport you.

Pairs well with vanilla and rich chocolate desserts. This infusion is a little more complicated than just sprinkling in jasmine flowers. Learn how to do it here.

13. Rose

Another floral tone that you should try is rose. This soft scent was designed to complement the natural silkiness of cream to create an indulgent partnership.

Pairs well with vanilla, orange and rich chocolate desserts. Get a recipe for rose water whipped cream here.

14. Lavender

Pretend you're in the south of France when you enjoy a spoonful of lavender whipped cream. This light pairing is sure to brighten up your day with its vibrant floral tones.

Pairs well with vanilla, berry and rich chocolate desserts. This infusion is a little more complicated than just sprinkling in lavender. Learn how to do it here.

15. Basil

This is an unusual whipped cream infusion, but it is nevertheless delicious. Herby, cool, and tart, it is destined to compliment cream in the most agreeable way possible.

Pairs well with vanilla, berry, and deep chocolate desserts. This infusion is a little more complicated than just chopping up some basil. Learn how to do it here.

16. Mint

Usually peppermint is associated with Christmas, but with spring coming, mint suddenly becomes a good idea yet again. Infuse your cream with this cool scent and watch magic happen.

Pairs well with berries, bananas, sponge cake, chocolate desserts, coffee drinks. Get a recipe here.

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This post was originally published on May 19, 2018.