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Martha Stewart Lives on a 153-Acre Farm in New York

Martha Stewart is without a doubt the queen of entertaining. Over the years we've learned so many useful things from Martha like how to throw a dinner party, carve a pumpkin, operate a working vegetable garden, and even things you never even knew you needed to know. She's that good. She inspires men and women every day to become master hosts and hostesses while making our homes as happy and fulfilling as possible. All hail Queen Martha!

The Martha Stewart Living mogul bounced back after her insider trading scandal like it had never even happened. She currently has a booming business, a new television show on HGTV (Martha Knows Best is a gem), and lots of entertaining celebrity friendships we just can't get enough of. 

Martha Stewart definitely lives a life of luxury. Luckily, Martha has granted fans inside glances of all of her beautiful homes over the years. Here are some details about all of Stewart's houses.

(L-R) Publisher Andy Stewart holding a black Cochin hen and wife, caterer Martha, holding a basket of eggs in barnyard of their home.

Photo by Arthur Schatz/Getty Images

1. Cantitoe Corners in Katonah, New York

This incredible 153-acre farm in Bedford, New York dates all the way back to 1784. Stewart spends a ton of time at her giant estate, which has been turned into a horse farm. She has chickens, all kinds of animals and even notable neighbors at her primary residence, including world-famous designer Ralph Lauren. There are multiple houses on the property, including two guest houses though Stewart lives in the "Winter House." Did we mention the massive gardens? 

2. Turkey Hill in Connecticut

Turkey Hill was where it all started for the lifestyle mogul. She purchased the home with her first husband in the '70s and spent decades updating it. The stunning farmhouse and its surrounding gardens are what helped Martha develop her iconic style that we love so much.

3. Skylands in Seal Harbor, Maine

Martha's summer home was originally owned by Edsel Ford, built back in 1925. It has a whopping 12 bedrooms and is close to Acadia National Park. According to Architectural Digest, she purchased the estate fully furnished, including cabinets filled with Eleanor Ford's plates, linens — you name it. The stunning house is situated on a hill overlooking Seal Harbor. You couldn't ask for a better view.

"I look at myself as the caretaker of an American treasure," Martha said of the property.

4. Lily Pond Lane in East Hamptons

The stunning Hampton house dates back to the 1800s. The home on Lily Pond Lane obviously needed Martha Stewart's touch and she has worked on making additions since she purchased the home in the '90s. She added a pool, better floors, and ultimately designed a house where she could spend time with her family. Take a look here

5. Perry Street in New York City's West Village

A total contrast to all of her other properties, Martha once owned a modern condo in Manhattan. She has since left the NYC building, but her daughter Alexis is still living on site.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in Dec. of 2020. 

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