Whataburger table tents

Texans are Decorating Christmas Trees with Stolen Whataburger Table Tents

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and here in Texas, people are showing their holiday spirit by decorating their Christmas trees with Whataburger table tents.


Although these makeshift ornaments look pretty awesome, Whataburger lovers are actually breaking the law by snatching the iconic orange tents.

Though it might not seem like a big deal, Whataburger has to reorder over a million table tents each year due to the fun but naughty Texas tradition of stealing them. Police in Krugerville even went so far as to remind the public that they can be ticketed and fined if caught.

Whataburger even offers "Merry Christmas" table tents for sale on their website, but that hasn't seemed to put a major dent in the thefts.

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So if you want to join the trend, consider buying your own Whataburger table tents. You can also get creative and reuse your Styrofoam cups and item stickers as tree trimmings.

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