Whataburger shoes

Whataburger is Giving Away 3 Pairs of Custom-Designed Shoes

Want to show off your love for Whataburger wherever you go? The beloved burger chain is giving fans the chance to get their very own pair of Whataburger-themed shoes.

The one-of-a-kind creations are the result of a partnership with designer Jake Danklefs of Dank Customs. Danklefs makes incredible custom shoes from own his home studio. You can learn a little more about his creations in the video below.

I know you're wondering how to get these stellar sneakers for yourself, so here's the details. To win, you must send out a tweet listing your favorite Whataburger toppings with the hashtag #WhatathoseContest. You can find more details on how to enter here.

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The collaboration with Dank Customs comes two years after Danklefs' first custom Whataburger shoes, which he created just for fun, went viral. The three winners of this new contest will have a piece of limited edition Whataburger history. And hey, they look pretty cool too.



The first place winner's design features the classic orange and white color scheme. The runner-up will receive a sleek "spicy ketchup" themed pair of sneakers, while the third place winner will get a fresh white pair that features the trademark Whataburger ingredient stickers.

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