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Texas Shoe Artist Designed Whataburger-Themed Nikes

A few years ago, San Antonio sneaker artist has designed a pair of Whataburger-themed Nikes. After Whataburger tweeted an image of the sneakers, photos of the Whataburger shoes quickly went viral.

The shoe is a Nike Low Dunk Custom and features the distinct "W" logo and the orange and white stripes that Texans everywhere associate with deliciousness.


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Although Whataburger tweeted the image yesterday, the shoes were actually made three years ago by Jake Danklefs of Dank Customs. He wrote on Instagram that he was surprised by all the media attention.

"Amazing how I did this shoe almost 3 plus years ago for @t21d and out of no where they are garnering alot of attention, from a twitter post from@whataburger to seemingly every news station and publication in Texas sharing the story."

Danklefs, who's been interested in sneakers since he was 4 years old, creates sneakers from a home studio in San Antonio.

"LeBron James was my first big celebrity order," Danklefs told Whataburger. "He wanted to commemorate his second championship with the Miami Heat. He left the design up to me."

The restaurant says Dank Customs made four custom designs for Whataburger. But Jake, you should totally make more of them.

Whataburger love runs deep in the Lone Star State. Just last year, Texas country star Randy Rogers teamed up with the brand for a line of custom Justin cowboy boots. In recent years, Whataburger chicken coops, Whataburger-themed Christmas decor and even a Whataburger-themed Quinceañera have popped up around the state.

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This article was originally published in 2017. It was updated on June 17, 2020. 

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