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Whataburger Employee Gets Huge Surprise from Her Customers

Customers surprised a longtime Whataburger employee in Denton, Texas with a roundtrip ticket to visit her family.

According to WFAA, Dawn Henley will get to fly to Indiana to see her family, and it's all thanks to her  "Whatafamily." Henley has worked at Whataburger for 16 years. She usually works the breakfast shift. Over the years, she has become a customer favorite and has a consistent group of regulars that come in for pancakes.

Her regulars have become more of a family to Henley, who hasn't been able to afford to visit her real family in Indiana. In fact, Henley was showing off pictures of her new great-grandson when her customers learned about her situation. Richard Birch, a regular at the store, decided to lend a helping hand.

"After he talked to his wife, they came up here with a roundtrip ticket," Henley said to WFAA.

Birch bought Henley a roundtrip ticket to Indiana and new luggage for the trip. Other customers have pitched in, gifting her with extra travel funds and well-wishes.

Happily, she will leave on her trip later this month. Likely, Henley will be coming home with plenty of pictures to share with her "Whatafamily."

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The generosity of Henley's customers isn't surprising. Whataburger is known for their dedicated customer base. They've been the location for engagement shoots and have been honored in songs. But this is definitely one of the most heartwarming Whataburger stories around.

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