Whataburger Dining Rooms Are Finally Opening Back Up

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit hard in March, many businesses and restaurants were forced to shift their business models at a moment's notice. Some restaurants closed entirely while others like fast food chain Whataburger offered curbside pickup and drive-thru services to feed hungry customers. Now, a few months after the initial Covid-19 wave, a select few Whataburger dining rooms are finally opening up and customers in Texas couldn't be happier.

Whataburger Opens Dining Rooms at Select Locations

According to KRIS 6 News, a limited number of Whataburger restaurants have opened their dining rooms where state and local restrictions have been lifted. Whataburger shared a statement on their website:

Over the last few months, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to the safety of our employees or and our customers, and that isn't going to change. We have teams working around-the-clock taking every possible precaution into consideration, including implementing additional safety and sanitation measures, before reopening any of our restaurants.

To reopen the dining rooms, the Whataburger family has implemented a few new guidelines to help lessen the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. Dining rooms will only be open at 50 percent capacity and include designated entrances and exits. Employees will be subject to wellness and temperature checks and will be required to double hand wash and change their gloves every 30 minutes. Employees are also required to complete a comprehensive food handling course.

Self-serve drink machines will be closed as well as some seats and booths to adhere to social distancing guidelines. All food will be served with single-use silverware and condiments.

To find out if a Whataburger dining room is open near you, check out the Find a Location Near Me service on the Whataburger website. Along with showing if the dining room is open, it'll show customers the hours and address of the location.

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