What Exactly Did Tony Evans Do Megachurch Pastor Remains Vague About Past Misdeed
Photo By YouTube/Tony Evans

What Exactly Did Tony Evans Do? Megachurch Pastor Remains Vague About Past Misdeed

Tony Evans, the former senior pastor of Dallas' Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, mysteriously resigned. At this point, we've touched upon the resignation itself and an interview he did only two years ago where he claimed that Christians had fallen in their faith. Now that the news has had time to sink in, everyone wants answers — especially those following him for over half a century.

As of this writing, all Evans has said regarding the "sin" in question was that he "committed no crime" but "did not use righteous judgment in my actions." It's unclear, even, if Evans told anyone about the specific sin.

"It was a shock," said James Harris Jr. (per CBS), who frequented Evans' church. "Everyone really couldn't believe what was being said."

All over social media, people who either personally went to the church or followed Evans closely throughout the years had much to say about the development.

"This Tony Evans news just messed me up! Praying for him, his family, & his parishioners. This SUCKS big time! We've got to cover our leaders in prayer at ALL times," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said.

However, other people were far more critical of the way Evans left. "Tony Evans is not 'doing the right thing' by releasing a vague statement like that. There's no accountability when you won't even name the sin."

Others still wanted to remind people what they thought was most important amid Evans' resignation. "The [hashtag]TonyEvans thing makes me sad, but its a reminder, we worship a Savior and not a Pastor."

The Fallout After Tony Evans Abruptly Announced His Resignation From The Church

From every corner of the world, people seem split down the middle as to the level of accountability Evans ultimately holds.

Where there's a person willing to defend and sympathize with Tony Evans, another person calls for more transparency.

"An excellent analysis of Tony Evans' statement. Same song, different verse. Nothing's new under the sun. It's straight out of the playbook. No one should be surprised by this type of vague image & restoration focus." (You can read the analysis in question here.)

It's a conversation proving to be undeniably divisive. We'll have to wait and see what happens if or when details are given to the nature of Evans' "sin." When we at Wide Open Country learn more, we'll update our readership accordingly.