Why The Chilton Cocktail is One of Greatest Texas Inventions

If there is one drink West Texas is most proud of, it's the Chilton. Zesty with a kick of carbonation, the city of Lubbock is delighted to share this summer drink with all of Texas. Created in the Hub City, Dr. Chilton (not the one who was in charge of the hospital in Silence of the Lambs) was itching for a cocktail at the Lubbock Country Club. He asked the bartender to mix lemon juice, with club soda and vodka and serve it in a cocktail glass over ice with a salted rim. One sip and the creation of the Chilton recipe was born. 

Or was it? Back in 2016 Texas Monthly ran an article about the drink, sharing that some Texans don't believe the Chilton drink was created in a country club in Lubbock. Wherever the drink was created, it's safe to say it's delicious. But don't go ordering this drink outside the city line, more likely than not you'll be greeted with a sad vodka soda with no Lubbock spunk.

Thankfully, this refreshing beverage is pretty easy to recreate at home for a personal happy hour when you find yourself out of West Texas. Like most cocktail recipes, making a drink is always customizable. Some people don't have a preference of what soda water to add to their Chilton cocktail while others swear that Topo Chico is the only way to go.

When it comes to vodka, stick with something local like Deep Eddy or Tito's. Most bartenders prefer to use a plain vodka, but you can always mix it up by adding a shot of cucumber vodka instead. And don't forget to wet the rim with a lemon wedge before sticking on some salt. Sorry sweet lovers, no sugar rim here.

Get the recipe here. 

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