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Wendy's Frosty is Only $0.50 Right Now!

Start searching through your couch cushions and underneath the car seats, Wendy's Frosty, the signature frozen dairy dessert of the Fast Food chain is only 50 cents for a limited time. The Chocolate Frosty, which was introduced all the way back in 1969 by Founder Dave Thomas, isn't actually ice cream nor is it full of chocolate. The frosty treat is actually a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, flavored perfectly to compliment the fast-food's famous square burgers and fries. And yes, it's totally normal to dip your french fries in a Frosty. We dare ya.

For a limited time, Wendy's is selling its small frosty for only 50 cents, making a bang for your piggy bank. This frosty deal is only available for a short time so we suggest you act fast to snag these cheap frostys.

Frostys have always been an important part of Wendy's menu. As one of the original menu items alongside their hamburgers, chili, French fries and beverages, Wendy's sells over 300 million of the icy beverage each year. To keep that super thick texture Frostys must be served at a temperature between 19 and 21 degrees. Who knew there was a science behind this chilly treat?

This isn't the first time Wendy's has offered its customers an amazing deal. Last July Wendy's gave away free chicken tenders to customers who figured out the secret password. The secret wasn't too hard to solve, the fast food chain's twitter announced the password, "Winner, winner chicken tender." in a tweet.

So what are you waiting for? Make your way down to your local Wendy's with two quarters (or a few more if you plan on having some fries) and spoon into a Frosty.

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