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Pickle Split Ice Cream Sundaes Are The Newest Summer Treat You Have To Taste to Believe

People love pickles. Whether it's a sandwich made with pickles instead of bread, pickle-flavored cotton candy, or even gallons of pickle juice, pickles are the hottest flavor recently. And now, one coffee shop in Missouri is pulling out all the stops and is serving up pickle split ice cream sundaes.

Pine Mountain Country Coffee House of Festus, Missouri began selling the unusual treat just this past month. According to Insider, Deanna Farrar, the shop owner, thought of the idea after remembering a dare when she was 17-years-old. Her friends had dared her to add pickles to her ice cream sundae in place of bananas, and the funny thing is, she actually liked it!

"Like a teenager, I went ahead and took the dare and ate it," Farrar told INSIDER. "And I thought 'well that's pretty good.'"

She added the pickle sundae to the Pine Mountain Country Coffee House menu after noticing the pickle craze making its way across the internet. Now, she shares, the new pickle splits have been a hit in the eyes of all of her customers, including local councilmen. Banana splits are so last year.

Each pickle split ice cream sundae features a sour pairing of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, and two pickle spears. The sundaes are so popular Farrar needs to keep gallons of Vlasics in the fridge to meet the demand.

The most popular flavor is classic Neopolitan, however, you can customize your order with any ice cream in the shop. The splits go for $7.50 and are big enough for two to share. Of course, we won't judge if you enjoy the entire thing down to the last bite. 

This isn't the first time pickles and frost treats have been in holy matrimony. One shop in New York serves up pickle soft serve and Texans are known to enjoy Piccadilly snow cones topped with cherry Kool-Aid, spicy chili sauce and diced pickles.

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