Aaron Watson Red Bandana
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Wide Open Country's Weekly Playlist: Aaron Watson, Jaida Dreyer and More

From a fast-paced country kiss-off to a tribute to big hair and even bigger attitudes, here's Wide Open Country's weekly roundup of the best newly released country and Americana songs.

"Kiss That Girl Goodbye," Aaron Watson

Goodbyes are hard — but not in this Aaron Watson song. "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is a breakup anthem that moves at 90 mph and leaves heartbreak squarely in the rearview mirror. The song is the first release from Watson's forthcoming album Red Bandana, which is due out this year.

"Jingle and Go," Ryan Bingham

Alt-country troubadour Ryan Bingham brings the country-funk shuffle on "Jingle and Go," an ode to living the road warrior lifestyle and doing it with style and swagger. The tune will be included on Bingham's upcoming album American Love Song due out on Feb. 15.

"Until That Echo," Szlachetka

Written by Szlachetka frontman Matthew Szlachetka and Scott Underwood (the original drummer for Train), "Until That Echo" is a soul-searching rocker that recalls Damn the Torpedoes-era Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Filled with crunchy guitars and a pulsing beat, the song sounds like a moonlit drive to somewhere forbidden.

"Jack It to Jesus (Spray it to Hell)," Jaida Dreyer

If the phrase "the higher the hair, the closer to God" is your personal motto, Jaida Dreyer has a song for you. "Jack It to Jesus (Spray it to Hell)" is a celebration of the big-haired, rhinestoned country women of yesteryear and those carrying on their legacy today. "They broke their own hearts/ while blazing the trail/ those honky tonk angels wore their pain well," Dreyer sings."They teased it up high like true southern belles/ they jacked it to Jesus and sprayed it to hell." As the winner of USA's Real Country and an acclaimed singer-songwriter, Dreyer is proving that she's more than able to fill the high-heeled shoes of country's most illustrious queens.

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