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The Leaves on This Tropical Plant Look Like Watermelon Rinds

Just when we think we've seen it all, mother nature surprises us with an unusual plant that we find stunning. From hummingbird-shaped plants, dolphin succulents, and bunny succulents, we just keep coming across houseplants that favor animals. In this case, it's a fruit. The watermelon peperomia looks like the skin of a watermelon.

The watermelon peperomia, or peperomia argyreia, gained popularity and its common name after someone pointed out the uncanny similarity. It's native to South America, making it perfect for warm climates. This tropical plant will thrive as an indoor plant if you keep your home at room temperature.

watermelon peperomia

Lyndsay Burginger

Watermelon Peperomia

You can find watermelon peperomia plants on Amazon. A customer left a fabulous review and said that her plant arrived in excellent condition. It comes in a four-inch pot and is ready to bloom in your home.

Watermelon Peperomia Care Instructions

An important factor in growing tropical plants is always to be mindful of humidity levels and bright light. Since these native plants are used to Brazil's climate, it's no stranger to rain and humidity. You can easily increase humidity levels with a humidifier.

To maintain those pretty dark green stripes, water your plant every time you notice the potting mix is dry. If you're not sure if you should water your plant, stick your finger into the potting soil. If the top two inches are soggy soil, do not water.

watermelon peperomia

Lyndsay Burginger

Avoid overwatering, as you could cause root rot. If the top of the soil feels dry, water your plant. Be sure to keep your peperomia in a pot with drainage holes. Other than that, they love direct light. For repotting, consider the summertime as your chance to move your plant.

So what's next? Plants that look like strawberries? It's plants that look like tacos. These unique plants have leaves that curl up like taco shells.

Taco Leaf Peperomia

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