5 Watering Cans for Keeping Your Indoor and Outdoor Gardens Blooming

Gardening is a healthy activity, both for people and the plants we cultivate. Green and growing plants make our houses feel like homes and our yards like safe havens. Just like people, plants need proper hydration to stay alive. The right watering can is your gardening tool for ensuring the indoor and outdoor flora never goes thirsty.

How your plant looks on the outside can say a lot about the amount of water they're receiving. Outdoor gardening is hard enough on the back. Tugging a garden hose around to every single plant is one additional pain-in-the-tookus you don't need. Neither is making a mess when you're feeding your succulents.

Best Watering Can

1. SunnyTong Galvanized Metal Watering Can for Outdoor Plants with Copper Accents 1 Gallon, Teal Green

Approximately one gallon of H20 will fit within this deluxe watering can. The sprinkler can be removed to increase the water flow across your lawn & garden. They come in different colors, from this teal-ish pot to hunter-green as well.

2. Indoor White Watering Can with Long Spout - 35oz - For Indoor Plants - Houseplant Watering Can

How about an indoor watering pot that pulls double duty as chic & functional home decor? The long spout is both decorative and easy to use. It fits up to 35fl oz, so you can reach all your potted pals in one go. The metal can has a high-quality matte finish and a comfortable wooden handle too.

3. Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Pot, Red, 1 US Pint

Haws gardening sprayers have a unique style that has been around the UK since the mid-1800s. The best seller Haws equipment is a wishlist item for many gardeners and growers. The BPA-free plastic model has the traditional design and still keeps the functionality of the metal options by having a twistable steel spout. Haws helps keep your flowers lush.

4. BEHRENS MANUFACTURING Hot Dipped Stainless Steel Watering Can 3 Gallon

Behrens is a heavy-duty can with several different volumes. The faucet is reliable and well constructed in order to keep the greater volume from becoming a waterfall. There are lighter 2-gallon steel watering cans as well. All-in-all, the Behrens can is super reliable, especially for the pricing.

5. Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can, 2.6 Gallon, Black (20-47287CP) (Limited Edition)

Fueling your plants will be a breeze with this 2.6 gallon Bloem can. The overall style isn't the swankiest of this collection, but with the volume and side-fill design, the Bloem is a workhorse of a hydration pot.

If you like the look of brass watering cans too, there are tons of great options on Amazon. Shop gardening supplies today and keep your plant babies growing!

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