Watch What Happens When the Irish Try Weird Cheetos Recipes

Munching on artificially flavored bright orange puffs that leave a powdery residue on your fingers wouldn't normally sound like an appetizing snack. But here in America, there is no denying our love of Cheetos - especially the Flamin' Hot ones. That love, however, may sound a bit strange to other countries, like our favorite Irish folks over at Facts. Doing what they do best, Facts. put their panel of taste testers up to the Cheetos challenges to find out what they thought of our unnaturally colored cheesy puffs.

Of course, in true Facts. fashion, it wouldn't be fun if the Irish panel simply just tried different flavors of Cheetos. Oh, no. Instead, they had to come up with the most disgustingly delicious dinner combos that I'm pretty sure were all inspired by a Taco Bell fourth meal menu.

1. Cheetos-Crusted Sushi Burritos

The first test, Cheetos-Crusted Sushi Burritos. As if Cheetos weren't weird enough, crusted a sushirrito could certainly induce unfavorable reactions. Surprisingly, not everyone disliked this sushi fish combo. The Quesa-cheeta on the other hand is a gold star winner. It will send your mouth to it's happy place with its crunchy, spicy extra cheesy goodness.

2. Flamin' Hot Cheetos Tacos

If that wasn't good enough, it gets even better with the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Tacos that have a taco shell made out of Cheetos. How do they make the shell out of Cheetos? Pure magic. That, and I'm pretty sure they just swung by Taco Bell and ordered up a few to go. The bad relationship that you just can't seem to get enough of, this is the cheat meal done so right.

3. Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks

To top off the fast-food menu inspired meal, they went and crusted cheese sticks with Cheetos. How could you possibly say no to that? With all the cheesy goodness both inside and out, it's amazing how good a clogged artery can taste.

Dusted, crusted, or sprinkled on, the Irish agree, when it comes to these puffs "people should put things that are unexpected on things more." Unless you're trying to juice Cheetos. That's just wrong.

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