WATCH: Oak Ridge Boys Perform Their Last Song Before Joe Bonsall Passes Away
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

WATCH: Oak Ridge Boys Perform Their Last Song Before Joe Bonsall Passes Away

Fans of the Oak Ridge Boys continue to mourn the loss of longtime member Joe Bonsall. Many grieve his passing by diving into the back catalog of their music and remembering why they love the band so deeply. Luckily, there's footage of Bonsall's last performance with his band.

Recently, someone on YouTube uploads concert footage of the Oak Ridge Boys spotlighting Joe Bonsall for his grand farewell in 2023. The group come together for a stirring performance of "Mama's Table." Jamey Johnson writes their 2009 record on The Boys Are Back album. Here, their loving affection for one another is on full display.

Watch below for the full video of the Oak Ridge Boys:

Joe Bonsall Performs One Last Time With The Oak Ridge Boys Before Retiring

Afterwards, Joe announces on Twitter that he would finally step away from the stage. He cites devastating health reasons for his retirement. He states that basic day to day activities grow increasingly difficult for him. "Many of you know I have been battling a slow onset (over 4 years now) of a neuromuscular disorder," Bonsall says. "I am now to a point that walking is impossible so I have basically retired from the road. It has just gotten too difficult. It has been a great 50 years and I am thankful to all the Oak Ridge Boys band crew and staff for the constant love and support shown to me through it all. I will never forget and for those of you who have been constantly holding me up in prayer I thank you and ask for you to keep on praying."

Unfortunately, only 6 months later, Joe passes away from complications stemming from ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Fans and bandmates of the Oak Ridge Boys grieve the loss ever since. Condolences are in order for family and friends.