Oak Ridge Boys Singer Says "Sadness Continues" After Death Of Son And Joe Bonsall
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Oak Ridge Boys Singer Says "Sadness Continues" After Death Of Son And Joe Bonsall

It's been a very rough year for the Oak Ridge Boys. They lost several family members and band members along the way. It's all getting to be a bit too much for Oak Ridge Boys singer William Lee Golden.

In a Facebook post, he shared the obituary for the late Joe Bonsall. He simply captioned the post, "Sadness Continues." Bonsall's death comes just days after the Oak Ridge Boys singer lost his son Rusty. It's one of the most difficult things he's ever dealt with. He said, "This is the hardest thing ever for a father to have to face. I love my family more than anything. Rusty was a great musician, a talented songwriter, and a wonderful son. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the days ahead. I love you, son."

Meanwhile, Duane Allen also said of Rusty's passing.

He wrote, "Rusty and I having one of our many conversations. I was telling Rusty that the first album I recorded with the Oak Ridge Boys was in this same studio in 1966. Rusty was like another son to me. I loved him like one of my own. Rusty was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He had an electric personality that just lit up a room when he walked in. He has left us way too soon."

Oak Ridge Boys Mourn Losses

Duane hasn't had it easy. He previously lost his wife Norah Lee on Easter morning. It's been a difficult road for the singer ever since. The Oak Ridge Boys wrote of her passing.

They wrote, "This morning, my wife of 54 years and 8 months took her last breath of air on planet Earth. Norah Lee went to be with Jesus at 7:28 am, Easter morning. She had not been feeling well for some time. Her family all spent the night with her last night at Vanderbilt Hospital. We took time singing with and to her, telling her stories, and loving her every second that God let us share her here on Earth."

Meanwhile, Oak Ridge Boys fans are questioning how much more the band can take. One wrote, "I don't know how much more you guys can take, my brother." Another wrote, "We are so very sorry, William. You've been blessed by so much in this life, in your own family and in The Oaks family. During this sad time, we hope the joy of their memory and the spirit of their precious souls will surround you and comfort you in the coming days. May God be with you every moment. That is our prayer. Sending love."