Kids Try 100 Years of Cheese on Camera and the Reactions Are Hilarious

If you're consulting your local cheese aficionado about the best selection for your dinner party, you're asking the wrong person. Who you really should be consulting is your kid, or your sibling's kid. Leaving out all the fancy talk, kids will tell you straight up how they feel, just ask Bon Appétit. Placing 100 years of cheese in front of a panel of little darlings, Bon Appétit tested out a century's worth of popular cheeses.

No holding back, the kids gave their honest opinion to some of the weirdest cheese combinations to come out of the centuries. We're talking about Velveeta peanut butter and pickle sandwiches from the 1920s, and cream cheese and olive sandwiches from the 1930s. Sounds like a pretty odd flavor combination, but then again, it may be just odd enough to win over the the panel of kids. Take a look.

When it comes to figuring out a cheap meal using Velveeta in the 1920s, I believe this little girl sums it up with like it, don't kinda like it. Then in the 1930s, forget the unusual combination, bread is made with flour?! We're blowing minds here. Of course the rationing of the 1940s may have lead to more wartime cheese puddings, but it's also causing some gag reflexes that even cheese can't mask.

Finally, in the 1950s we get something a kid can't pass up, Cheez Whiz. The popular cheese in a can is surely artificial enough that all kids will love it, right? Wrong. There's not fooling these kids. They want real cheese, not some weird spray in a bottle.

So how would you expect they feel about the 1960s cheese ball? Just like how we feel, it's good, it's bad, it gives you mixed emotions of guilt. And the 1970s "fun-do" makes them feel about the same. Then the 80s hit, and this little boy escaping from the table re-affirms that men are genetically inclined to not like quiche. Of course, then the 1990s hit and the Hot Pockets jingle has everyone running to the microwave. The kids, however, aren't 90s children so they're not quite convinced.

In the 2000s the kids are thrown a curve-ball with raclette. This stinky cheese is sure to send the kids running. Unless you're these kids. This little girl actually prefers raclette to potatoes? What has happened in the world. Proving that way we eat has changed what kids like, for the 2010 cheese of the decade, the kids were given vegan cheese.

And apparently vegan cheese with crackers is brilliant. Of all the things, vegan cheese. Looks like times have changed my friends. Wonder what happens when they test out 100 years of candy? Take a look here.

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