Here's What Kids Have to Say About 100 Years of Candy

If it's sugar, kid's will love it, right? At least one would think. Putting 100 years worth of candy to the test, Bon Appétit feeds a panel of kids a century's worth of candy. Presented with all the sugar they could possibly consume 'til their hearts content, the kids gave their full blown honest opinion, just as one would expect.

So what was their consensus? Well let's just say they don't care for the hard candy.

Digging into the first bite, the kids weren't too thrilled with the 1920's Abba-Zaba and Jujyfruits - I know kids, I don't get it either. I'm pretty sure it's the reason dental insurance was invented.

And if hard candy wasn't shocking enough, the fact that they made candy in the 1930s is a difficult concept to grasp. And the 40s? Let's just say you can't fool a kid by stuffing dates into candy, unless of course it involves the word rum.

The invention of Pez in the 50s however, now were talking. What kid doesn't love Pez, and even more than that, a Pez museum?

Then what about the 60s? Well, the Razzles didn't exactly dazzle, but the Pop Rocks from the 70s sure did. By the time you get to the 80s the sugar high has kicked in and even candy buttons look good.

And baby bottles in the 90s? You're never too old.

Now enter our current century, Twizzlers were a delight in 2000, but bacon salted caramel? That's better left for the adults.

Finally reaching 2010, the kids get bean boozled with the ultimate jelly bean game - rotten egg beans, gross.

So there you have it. After testing one hundred years of candy and feeding more sugar to a child than they consume on Halloween night, the lesson to take home is that grandma's rock hard candy jar needed a little inspiration form Willy Wonka.

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