Watch Joe Nichols’ Countrified Cover of ‘Baby Got Back’

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Joe Nichols went all in on the ridiculousness for this new cover. He and his band decided to make a western swing version of Sir Mix-a-Lot's iconic (if that's the right word) "Baby Got Back." And the great Sir approved.

In the video, Sir Mix-a-Lot (real name Anthony Ray) sits alone in a chair, in what appears to be a high school gym. Several artists take their stab at covering his hit song. That includes a lounge singer version and a metal version. But every single one gets the quick hook off the stage.

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That is, until Nichols somehow piques Mix-a-Lot's interest. By the look on Nichols' face, he's not really sure what they're doing there either. Check out the video below.

Perhaps the worst (or best, depending on your view) part of the video is there's no real point to it. And maybe that's the whole joke.

Nichols started playing the song as a bit of a gag years ago. First, for his band, then later, for some crowds. People loved it so much that "Baby Got Back" became a pretty integral part of the live show. So, Nichols "finally" recorded a version of it. You can find the official version on his new record Never Gets Old. Keeping with the "live" theme, the version features comedian Darren Knight and lots of crowd noise in the background.

It's a pretty funny nod to his close fans. But also a confusing way to end a record for any other casual listener.

But the good news is his new album Never Gets Old is otherwise an enjoyable slice of country music. He just released the album last week, and it sits right in the sweet spot of feeling modern while still capitalizing on those soft, sweet country songs that helped launch his career in the 1990s.

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Watch Joe Nichols’ Countrified Cover of ‘Baby Got Back’