Watch Entire Plane Erupt Into Rendition Of Toby Keith's Should've Been A Cowboy
Photo By Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Shock Ink

Watch Entire Plane Erupt Into Rendition Of Toby Keith's "Should've Been A Cowboy"

Toby Keith's legacy emerges in the best and most fun ways sometimes. Evidently, a flight had been running later than expected. Everyone on the plane does what's logical: they belt out Keith's "Should've Been A Cowboy," obviously!


Singing Should’ve Been A Cowboy for Toby Keith in the skies. We hope you can hear us in heaven Toby! ?️ #tobykeith #singingvideos #fyp #coversong #shouldvebeenacowboy #4thofjuly

♬ original sound - Frankie Justin

Oh, and Frankie Justin is leading the charge! Which explains why everyone was so on-key. "Why doesn't this ever happen to me?? Maybe it's because I never fly," one TikTok user lamented.

"Was on that flight, you guys were great, was nice to meet you!" another user states. Toby Keith would be proud, I imagine! Plus, we need more "wholesome plane stories." On account of all the... other news about planes. Actually, while we're here, let's try something new! This is completely off-the-cuff, and hopefully, it won't be a disaster!

I bet you that I can find a plane fistfight that took place within the last seven days. I'm going to Google right now. Update: I'm back, and I've failed in my mission. Despite my best efforts, I didn't find any fights on planes to report. I did, however, accidentally come across a wholesome plane story! Which suits us just fine!

Country Musician Frankie Justin Leads Plane Of Strangers To Sing A Toby Keith Song

An American novelist, Joseph Fasano, was on a plane minding his own business. He looks toward the passenger sitting next to him. He can't believe what he sees. By some stroke of divine intervention, the passenger is reading one of his books! The Swallows of Lunetto, to be precise!

After some internal debating, Fasano decides to let his fan in on a secret. "UPDATE: Joseph Fasano has a new friend! My approach: 'Are you enjoying that?' Her: 'I think so. Have you read it?' Me: 'About 100 times.' Her: 'What?!' Me: 'Just to make sure everything was right.' (pause) ....and now we're buds."

It's hilarious because "I think so" is either something you say when you don't want to talk to a person, or something you say when you don't like something but you're actively trying your best to be diplomatic about it. Either way, whether it's a Toby Keith song or an interaction from author to fan(?), plenty of good things happen on planes worthy of a conversation!