Delta Plane Evacuated After It Bursts Into Flames After Landing At Terminal
Photo via KOMO News

WATCH: Delta Plane Evacuated After It Bursts Into Flames After Landing At Terminal

Nearly 200 passengers had a scary experience when their Delta plane burst into flames at the terminal. They had to evacuate the plane due to the incident.

On Monday, May 6, Delta Flight 604 caught fire due to an electrical malfunction. The nose of the plane went up in flames as fire crews arrived to combat the blaze. What makes the incident even more scary is that Delta Flight 604 had just landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. It was a flight from Cancun. In total, the aircraft was carrying 89 passengers, two pilots and four flight attendants.

Fortunately, all of them managed to evacuate with no injuries reported. Still, as you can see by the surveillance footage below, it's quite a scary incident. It also does little to instill trust in airliners from consumers. Consumers have been wary about the safety of planes recently. In the footage, you can see an airline employee connect a black wire to the nose of the flame. From there, black smoke then forms, and you can also see a fire forming.

Things reached a peak when employees decided to deploy the emergency slide at the end of the airplane. Passengers then exited along the wing through emergency doors from the Delta plane.

Delta Launches Investigation

"In response to the incident, a Delta spokesperson discussed what happened. "During deplaning on the evening of May 6, the crew of Flight 604 from Cancun to Seattle witnessed smoke in the aircraft nose area after plugging into ground electrical power," the spokesperson said.

The Delta spokesperson said the crew chose to evacuate out of caution. "Out of an abundance of caution, slides were deployed. Passengers still on board deplaned via the rear of the aircraft," the spokesperson added. "Passengers were fully evacuated, and those deplaned to the ramp returned to the terminal via the ramp stairs."

Delta plans to launch an investigation into what caused the issue. However, the Delta plane isn't even two years old yet. While incidents do happen, there's concern from consumers on the overall safety of planes. The airline is opening an investigation on the ground power apparatus and not the plane itself. It's a bit of a headscratcher not to investigate both, but perhaps they know more about the incident than I do. Safe travels!