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Dust Off Your Resume: Walmart Store Managers Are Paid $175,000 A Year

If you are looking into switching careers, you might want to hand in your resume to your local Walmart. According to a new report released by the company, on average a Walmart Store Manager makes $175,000 a year. That's about $150,000 more a year than what full-time hourly Walmart workers make.

Walmart released its first Environmental Social and Governance Report this week, sharing company information about global ethics, corporate policies, human rights, and cultural diversity. Along with stating a goal to be 50% powered by renewable resources by 2025, the report also dove into the salaries of their employees. According to the report, the average full-time hourly employee makes $14.26 an hour, rounded to an hourly wage of $19.31 if you include all benefits.

The report also stated that 75% of their Walmart U.S. store operations management team members began their careers as hourly Walmart employees. This can be further illustrated by this graph created by Thinknum. The last time a Store Manager position was open was April 30th. And taking into account there are over 11,368 stores worldwide, landing a store manager position requires more than years of experience. It requires sheer luck.

Starting wages at Walmart have grown 50% in the past three years, however, it still is pretty daunting to see store manager salaries are larger than some doctors.

"In many cases, our store managers will be running the biggest business in their communities, with as much as $100 million in sales," said Kory Lundberg, a spokesman for Walmart. "This is a recognition of their efforts." 

Unfortunately, not all employees are getting the same recognition for their work. The average salary for a full-time employee is $25,200, a wage considered below the national poverty line for a family of four. Chief executive Doug McMillon earned nearly $24 million last year alone. Now that's a pretty hefty wage gap. 

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