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Dream Job Posting Alert: Cadbury Chocolate Taster

Wanted for hire: Person willing to try lots of chocolate. Permanent position, with pay. Sounds like a dream job, right? Well, if you have discerning taste buds, strong vocabulary skills and the ability to collaborate, you might want to check out this part-time chocolate taster gig from Mondelez International, the parent company for Cadbury candy and Oreo cookies.

Currently, the company has three "taster" positions open: two Chocolate Tasters, and one Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster. Each of the jobs require 7.5 hours a week, for a short shift three or four days a week. The tasting team is considered a research development quality role and works out of the consumer science room at the University of Reading in England.

Being a chocolate taster isn't quite as easy a job as it sounds, though. Obviously, you have to be passionate about chocolate. But you also have to be objective and honest with your feedback. You work with a team to share opinions and reach an agreement on what tastes good.

In other words, the job isn't as simple as a thumbs up or thumbs down on new products. You need to be able to consider what different kinds of customers would like and how something would taste to a wide variety of people, not just your own personal preferences, plus it's the collective opinion of the team that carries the most weight.

You also need to be willing to try new and innovative flavors. (So, if you're picky about your chocolate or have food allergies, this job probably isn't right for you. Sorry.)

Mondelez has seen overwhelming interest in the open spots from around the world. A previous position announcement received 6,000 applications in total, with 1,500 of those submitted in the first 24 hours after the ad was posted. They note on their career website that if you don't receive a response from a recruiter within 14 working days after submitting your application, you haven't been chosen for the job.

The job posting is open until February 16 and if you'd like to apply, visit the Mondelez website.

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