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Walmart Sodas, Ranked By Level of Affront to One's Taste Buds

Why do we buy generic sodas? Personally, I will never hesitate to buy a generic soda when a name brand is too rich for my budget.  Generic sodas are definitely my friend when I need to get my liquid sugar fix without breaking the bank. Sodas are the bane of every health guru's existence and the first thing folks tell you to ditch when starting a new fitness journey. As much as we love to hate them, sometimes you just crave a sugary and effervescent beverage, and luckily the grocery store has an entire aisle dedicated to them. These Walmart generic sodas are $.88 for a 2-liter bottle and $3.14 for a 12-pack of cans, so they do the trick at a fraction of the cost.

I ranked 7 generic Walmart sodas, and you can use this list as a guide during your next shopping trip.

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Now, I have to provide a few caveats. The first is that none of these sodas are particularly bubbly, especially for bottles that were opened mere seconds before the first sip. While not exactly flat, crisp isn't a word I would use to describe any of these. Next, all of these Walmart sodas are drinkable (well, except one), so while these critiques may be a little harsh, you can buy most of these, and you'd be fine. They'll get you to where you need to go.

Walmart Sodas Ranked

6. Dr. Thunder

I will admit that Dr Pepper is my least favorite soda. Bias aside, Dr. Thunder is pure hot garbage. Name brand Dr Pepper has 23 flavors (I missed that question at a trivia night 3 years ago, and it still haunts me to this day), but Dr. Thunder only has one: black pepper. So much pepper. It completely overwhelms any remaining flavors and tastes like it's coating your mouth with little black specks. There's just the tiniest hint of cherry, but it gets completely lost.

5. Sam's Cola

The Coca-Cola Company must really have that secret formula locked tight because I have never tasted a single generic Cola that resembles Coke in the slightest. Sam's Cola is no exception, and it actually tastes like a watered down version of RC Cola. If you're looking for a Walmart soda that is the definition of generic, you've found it here, as it shares the extremely syrupy characteristics of other generic colas. There are no real distinguishing features about it, and nothing new is brought to the table—it's a cola that isn't a Coke.

5. Mountain Lightning

Tying for 5th place is Mountain Lightning. This soda is trying really hard to be Mountain Dew, but it doesn't really taste like it. It's definitely trying to achieve that green-yellow crisp goodness, but the mark is just barely beyond reach. However, sometimes drinking Mountain Dew makes me feel like I'm swallowing battery acid, so the less intense taste is refreshing and not overpowering.

4. Diet Twist Up

This one is not bad as far as diet sodas are concerned. It tastes like seltzer water flavored with lemon lime. Yes, it has that aspartame aftertaste that most generic and name brand sodas have, but I can forgive that. Of all the sodas on this list, this is the one that I would purchase for myself on a regular basis.

3. Cherry Sam's Cola


What a world of difference 6 letters can make! Cherry Sam's Cola is significantly better than Sam's cola, and it tastes like what Dr. Thunder should taste like. All of that cherry flavor that I wanted in Dr. Thunder showed up here loud and clear. I was pleasantly surprised, and I think Cherry Sam's Cola does a great job. This drink is worth considering as a replacement for Cherry Dr. Pepper.

2. Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is one of my favorite sodas, from fancy craft brands to mainstream ones. The not-so-great thing about Walmart's Ginger Ale is that it needs about 5x as much ginger than the current formula contains. Although if your ginger ale doesn't need to be the spiciest soda on the block, this soda is fine as is. I ranked it high because I didn't wish I was drinking something else. If I was served this at a party or a barbecue, I might ask the host which store they bought it from.

1. Orangette

Let's talk about Orangette, the belle of the ball. First of all, The name is simply amazing. Orangette sounds like something you'd drink while sitting in a rocking chair on a screened in porch during a North Carolina summer. It smells like HiC and tastes like an orange cream soda. By far my favorite out of the bunch, and it definitely exceeded expectations.

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