Facebook: Walmart North East

Maryland Walmart Employee Takes Over Social Media With Grumpiness

America, meet your next sweetheart, Charlene from Walmart North East in Maryland. With a serious expression, Charlene has become a social media phenomenon on the store's Facebook page, posing with various products and baring a hilarious straight face in every photo that is all too relatable if you've ever been asked to do something at work you're not thrilled about. It's as if grumpy cat turned into a human and everyone (I mean everyone) is living for it, myself included.

To promote products on sale, the Maryland Walmart stores posts pictures of their employees with the products. Most of the employees smile and hold the product. Everyone except Charlene, who started showing up on the Facebook page back in January posing with a display of Joker movie discs. Since then the Maryland Walmart employee has added her own little spin to the social media photos and they are drop-on-the-floor funny.

Take a look at some of our favorites:

Is that Elsa? Charlene shows off ice scrapers and shovels while donning a fuzzy white vest and snow boots.

It's getting chilly out!

Finish the sentence at your own risk.

Charlene is every child wanting to get back to playing when their parents hug them.

And it's fashionable!

From the looks of it, Charlene might be needing a vacation more than any of us.

I'll take the grumpy one in the middle!

Excited or terrified? You decide.

This is the one that should win an award. 10/10.

People have even started a petition to get the working woman on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Can you imagine if Ellen met Charlene? So far there are about 9,000 signatures and the numbers are rising rapidly.

Keep those creative and hilarious photos coming Charlene and hopefully, Ellen will be seeing you soon!

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