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Arkansas Walmart Throws Surprise Birthday Party for Beloved 104-Year-Old Customer

Geneva Kendrick has reached a milestone many of us will never see. But this 104-year-old is known in her community for her kind nature, not just her impressive age.

Employees at her local Walmart have grown to see Geneva as a family member. So when her big triple-digit birthday rolled around, they decided to do something extra special for her.

The store's employees came together to throw her a secret birthday party. The event came complete with guests, cake and even a few gifts for their favorite customer. Naturally, Geneva was completely blown away by the emotional surprise.

You can see more about her reaction in this video.

At her age, you'd probably think that Geneva may not be able to take care of herself. But her close friends at Walmart say this is just not the case. She always does all her shopping on her own, even putting her items up on the checkout belt all by herself.

Geneva says she loves shopping at her local Walmart. "Everyone is so friendly and nice and I enjoy talking to them," she tells KARK.

Walmart associate Kris Hudson says that Geneva is incredibly special to him. "We figured it was the least we could do for her," he explained.

Naturally, you don't get to the age of 104 without learning a few life tips along the way. Geneva says that her secret to good health was always working hard for everything. She says that she never allowed herself to get old because she had too much work to do.

It's certain that both Geneva and the staff at this wonderful Walmart will cherish the memories of her landmark birthday for a very long time.

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