104-Year-Old Grandmother Dreams of Meeting Garth Brooks

Mildred Loveday may be Garth Brooks‘ biggest fan alive. The 104-year-old Alabama native is using social media to try and fulfill her dream of meeting her favorite country singer.

“He’s so popular,” exclaimed Loveday. “Everybody loves him. Women will fall out in the floor.”

Over the years, she’s collected every piece of memorabilia you can think of, from books to CDs to newspaper clippings. Brooks event sent Loveday a signed picture for her 100th birthday.

“I think he’s precious,” Loveday said. “At night when I am sick and lonely, I play his music and it calms me and makes me feel good. He just sounds so pretty.”

Loveday’s great-grandson, Brian Brooks (no relation) decided to start an online campaign to make her dream a reality.

“I think he’s a good enough guy,” Brook explained. “I think if he knew about her being 104 and how much she loves him, I think he’d come see her.”

So what would Loveday do if Brooks grants her longtime wish? “Well God knows I’d die,” Loveday said with a laugh. “I’d die. That would just be the most honorable thing. That would be one thing that I would like to have before I die if I had my wish. That’d be it! I’d give anything in the world to meet him.”

So far, they are still waiting to hear back from Brooks. You can support Loveday’s campaign to meet Garth through her family’s Facebook page.

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104-Year-Old Grandmother Dreams of Meeting Garth Brooks