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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Walker, Texas Ranger'

The original Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris, became a beloved action series of the '90s. Starting in 1993, viewers loved following Sergeant Cordell Walker, a modern-day Texas Ranger and martial arts expert for eight seasons. Following the code of the Old West, Walker and his partner James Trivette (played by Clarence Gilyard) would work together every episode to fight the bad guys. 

The TV show also starred Walker's love interest, Sheree J. Wilson, as Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill and retired Texas Ranger Captain C.D. Parker (played by Noble Willingham). 

The original series was created by Leslie Greif and Paul Haggis and aired on CBS. Even years after the series wrapped, fans still love the show and connect with the moralistic heart of the stories in each episode. 

Here are some things you probably didn't know about Walker, Texas Ranger.

10. There is a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot in the works 

The new series starring Jared Padalecki from Supernatural will air on the CW. Star Jared Padalecki will also executive produce the new series with Dan Lin and Lindsey Libertore from their production company Rideback and Dan Spilo of Industry Entertainment.  

9. The TV series was filmed on location in TX

Even though every other show on primetime was filming in Los Angeles, Norris wanted it to be authentic and wanted the show filmed in Texas. Though the show was set in Dallas, filming took place in Austin.

8. Chuck Norris sang the theme song

Starring in the show and singing the theme song? Is there anything Chuck Norris can't do?

7. The show was so popular it inspired novels

 James Reasoner wrote three books inspired by the series in 1999 — Walker, Texas Ranger, Hell's Half Acre, and Siege on the Belle.

6. The show ended on top

Walker, Texas Ranger increased in popularity as the show went on. In the final season, millions of viewers were tuning in each week. But Chuck Norris felt it was time for the show to end on a high note, so that's what they did. 

5. Noble Willingham ran for Congress.

Willingham left the show to run for Congress in 1999. He ended up losing to Democrat Max Sandlin. 

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4. A Chuck Norris film inspired the show

1983 film Lone Wolf McQuade, also starring Chuck Norris, inspired the Texas Ranger, who could kick ass on the small screen.

3. The show had a TV movie follow up

A few years after the show ended, a TV movie with all the same characters from the classic show aired. Trial By Fire ended on a major cliffhanger with a shooting at the courthouse, and a major character was the victim. I guess we'll never know how this story ends...

2. There was a short-lived spin-off

Sons of Thunder only lasted six episodes as a short-lived spin-off. It starred recurring character Carlos Sandoval who starts up a private investigation firm with childhood friend Trent Malloy. Sadly the ratings just weren't there, and the show was cut from the CBS lineup.

1. The show was a passion project for Governor Ann Richards

Former Texas governor Ann Richards thrived in the spotlight — both as a leader and as a speaker and entertainer. (She even appeared as herself in an episode of King of the Hill.) But Richards was also passionate about bringing film and television production to the Lone Star State. Part of that goal included ensuring that Walker, Texas Ranger was filmed in Texas and featured Texas-made products. According to a 2001 article from the Austin Chronicle, Richards' staff encouraged state-made product placement, including Shiner beer, Justin boots, Big Red and Stetsons.

The series brought in money for the state and helped establish Texas as an important player in the film and television industry.

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