These Wagon Planters Will Add Some Rustic Charm to Your Garden

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I'm a firm believer that your home decor extends to your outdoor living areas. From your outdoor rugs and furniture to plant pots, it's just another way to make the space feel homey and reflect your personal style in all of your outdoor decor elements. Plus the prettier it is, the more you'll want to hang out outside right?

A wagon planter is such a fun way to get creative with your outdoor plant holders and lets you DIY your mix of flowers and plants based on what you'd like to grow. We've rounded up three great options that will really add some rustic charm to your garden.

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1. Wood Wagon Flower Planter Pot Stand 

This wood planter is a great option for outdoor use that will go with numerous decor styles. One thing to note is there aren't any drainage holes at the bottom of the garden cart so make sure to plan ahead for that when putting together your flower bed. You'll need to add some rocks at the bottom so that your flowers don't drown. You'll want your little flower cart thriving out on the front porch or on your back lawn & garden.

Especially make sure to add plenty of rocks for drainage if you plant on making a succulent hard as they are to kill they definitely don't thrive when overwatered!

2. Amish Wagon Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Planter

Can we talk about how cute this little indoor-outdoor option is? It comes in green, blue and red so you're able to choose what works best for your space and honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of the options. The iron wagon wheels add an extra rustic touch but one of the coolest parts is the fact that there are two sections.

Similar to the photo, you can fill the smaller front section with some pretty flower pots and use the back to plant your favorite garden plants all together like you would in a planter box. You'll be able to get creative with your garden decor year-round or even use this little wagon planter to bring some holiday cheer to your front porch during the holidays. Just think about how cute it would look with some pumpkins...

3. Flower Planter Pot Wooden Wagon Cart Flower Box Display

This natural wooden wagon planter is another great option to elevate your outdoor area. Since it comes in raw neutral wood you're able to paint it if you like or just leave it as is! Since it's one big planter box you can also get creative on whether you'd like to have an outdoor herb garden in your wagon, flowers, or just lots of greenery to freshen up your garden.