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Perk Up Your Patio With These 5 Outdoor Rugs

Now is the time to start getting your outdoor patio ready for summer entertaining. One of the easiest ways to do that? Make sure you cozy things up with an outdoor rug. Similar to your inside living space, nothing completes a lounge area more than a rug or accent rug.

While jute rugs are popular choices for outdoors as well as indoors, sometimes the weavers don't make the best quality rugs and, when it snags, you're left with a rug that's seen better days. There are so many other good outdoor choices at Walmart that have solid average ratings from other customers and are more equipped to deal with heavy use. And it's hard to argue with their current prices.

Here are our five favorite patio rugs you can find at Walmart.

Best Outdoor Rugs From Walmart

1. Unique Loom Trellis Outdoor Modern Geometric Area Rug or Runner

The thing we love about this rug is it comes in multiple colors and the print is much more subtle than a chevron or a medallion. Made specifically for the outdoors, it's stain-resistant and can withstand the heavy wear and tear that comes from having kids and pets in the yard.

2. Safavieh Courtyard Geometric Area Rug

The product title really speaks for itself because this outdoor rug would make a statement in any courtyard. Though it's not reversible, it is made to withstand the elements outside. We're also partial to the geometric pattern...sometimes rug patterns will make geometric shapes look like electrodes (there are some weird rugs out there) but this is timeless and classic design that will go with most decor styles.

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3. NuLoom Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug

This outdoor rug is so nice it looks like it could go in your living room or dining room. There's no reason you shouldn't want nice things for your outdoor living area and for the price, this Moroccan rug is hard to beat.

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4. Nourison Floral Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

An indoor outdoor area rug is the perfect choice if you're looking for transitional home decor. Maybe you have it on our patio in the summer but bring it in for a floor rug during the winter months. The point is, you have options since this rug is made for both areas! The multicolor flowers will definitely add a fun pop to your patio.

5. Sweet Home Meadowland Artificial Grass Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Maybe you don't want a traditional rug on your patio...so why not artificial grass? This is a fun solution if you have a patio but a limited yard and want to add a little bit of green.

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