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Waffle House Is Selling Beer for the First Time. Here's the Catch.

We could wax poetic about the reasons we love Waffle House so much, but when it comes down it, they all have to do with the fact that Waffle House is just there for you. Need a place to go to soak up some late-night libations fun? Waffle House is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Has tragedy struck your town and you're in need of a hot meal? There's a reason why FEMA uses the unofficial Waffle House Index to gage natural disasters. However, there was always one thing missing from Waffle House locations.

That's right, beer. Wouldn't Waffle House be perfect if it sold beer in addition to its soda pop and hot coffee? It seems like management was listening because the first-ever Waffle House to sell beer opened in Atlanta's own SunTrust Park stadium. Since it's the only franchise serving alcohol, it makes sense that the chain would choose Georgia for the first trial run.

After all, the chain is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia with over 1,500 restaurants nationwide. Atlanta Braves fans can rejoice with the latest news because the location in the stadium is serving up typical stadium beer, like Coors Light and Miller Light.

Unfortunately, the latest news from Waffle Houses says that the brand has no plans to serve alcohol in other Waffle House restaurants across the country. It seems like fans will just have to flock to SunTrust to watch their favorite MLB team play the Braves to cozy up with a beer at the Waffle House World Famous Hashbrown Cart.

So for now, head out to watch the Atlanta Braves play if you live nearby and let us know how that cold adult beverage tastes when paired with your regular order of Southern covered hashbrowns.

For the rest of us, we'll enjoy the larger menu at restaurants nationwide but we'll always be wishing we could wash it down with a frosty brew. I mean, how good would a Miller High Life taste with your grilled chicken melt or your cheesesteak melt?

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