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As If You Didn't Love Waffle House Already, This Happens

No matter how much a company tells you it puts customers first, it doesn't matter if your experiences at that restaurant or chain haven't been positive. Customer service makes or breaks restaurants, and when it comes to places that do it right, it's easy to name a few. Whataburger, Cracker Barrel, and Chick-fil-A boast positive customer service records, with folks driving for miles to visit the nearest location. There's also one place, one underrated place that we love, that is always forgotten when it comes to customer service.

The Waffle House is embedded in American culture. After all, where else will you find breakfast potatoes served in so many different ways? The Waffle House also remains open, rain or shine, for 365 years each year, making it a traveler's mainstay in the South. However, one Twitter user thinks that Waffle House is more than just a place, it's a Waffle Home. On February 11 in the early morning, user @sarahhhclifton posted this fateful tweet.

Of course, it's the internet so no one really believed her.

It all could've ended there, but there was video-proof and luckily for us, it's still on Twitter.

While the poor guy was roasted for not believing her, what we got for his request was a seriously great video of a group of friends sliding down the icy streets on Waffle House trays. It's a little hard to see, but they are definitely sliding on trays which sounds even better than taking a taxi home. While we're not sure just how this happened (after all, late night trips to the Waffle House are always fuzzy), we're so glad it did.

So the next time you're looking for a restaurant that puts customers' needs first, consider the Waffle House. After all, there's a reason why FEMA uses the locations as natural disaster markers...

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