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Waffle Bars Are The Hottest Brunch Trend Since Bottomless Mimosas

One of the newest and most fun food trends is the waffle bar. The waffle bar is the newest brunch party staple for baby showers, wedding showers, and other special occasions. Waffles are served up with an array of sweet and savory toppings. The best part is that guests can completely customize their own waffle and each waffle creation is unique.

While the concept of the waffle bar has been around for a while, The Waffle Bar Dessert and Tea opened in Minnesota in 2018 and put fun waffle desserts on the map. The Waffle Bar serves up an array of sweet creations, including ice cream served inside the waffle. If you're a Minneapolis local, you can check them out at 2758 Lyndale Ave S.

What makes The Waffle Bar unique is its use of a bubble waffle. Bubble waffles are popular street food treats in Hong Kong. These waffles made their way to China towns across America. They've gained popularity being served at boba and milk tea shops throughout the US. The batter is made with more egg and each crevice creates an airy "bubble." These waffles are made using a special waffle iron to create bubbles.

Make the Perfect Waffle Bar

waffle bar with full fixings and fruit

If you're hosting a brunch event, a DIY waffle bar is the way to go. It's sure to be a crowd-pleaser, with enough options to make everyone happy. No matter what you top your waffle with, it'll be so good!

You can prepare the waffle batter the night before to cut down on the day of prep time. The preparation of the fresh fruit will take the most time but can be done the night before.

The first thing you'll need to do is prepare your favorite waffle recipe. If you want a super easy recipe, you could prepare a pre-made pancake and waffle mix. We think it's only a tad more work and a lot more delicious to whip up your own batter.

We like this recipe because of the fluffy waffle and crispy edges.

If you love deep pockets for lots of syrup, a Belgian waffle may be for you. These waffles are a little more labor-intensive, as they often incorporate yeast or whipped egg whites. We like this recipe for homemade Belgian waffles.

Next, you'll have to set out your waffle maker and waffle toppings. Any waffle maker will work, so it's simply a matter of what you have on hand. A Belgian waffle maker will have a deeper grid pattern than a standard waffle maker.

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

We suggest portioning out the batter in individual cups so that guests can make their waffles fresh. If you'd prefer to cook them before, keep them warm in an oven until ready to serve.

The last, and most fun part, is setting up the topping station. We suggest a variety of seasonal fresh berries like fresh strawberries, granola, cream cheese, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Add some Nutella and peanut butter for a delicious spread. Of course, you can't forget maple syrup, whipped cream, or powdered sugar for the final touch.

Fun Variations

owl waffle on waffle bar

If you're ready to take on a larger challenge, we suggest adding some more elements to your waffle bar. Chicken and waffles are a classic combo, so why not add them to your waffle bar? You could either purchase your favorite fried chicken or make your favorite recipe.

If a guest is gluten-free, make sure to have a gluten-free batter available for them.

Add some cocoa powder to the waffle batter to make a batch of chocolate waffles. You could even add cookie crumbs, like oreo to make cookies and cream waffles.

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