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Kansas State Band Members Play 'Wabash Cannonball' After Pickup Truck Breaks Down

A video of six Kansas State University band members showing off their musical skills on the side of the road has gone viral.

The video was posted this past weekend by band member Trace Woods. Woods, along with Wesley Corw, Dakota Cavanaugh, Greg Bagley, Kodi Shouse and Matt Hiteshew were on their way to band camp at Garden City High School.

The guys were making the four-and-a-half hour drive in a Chevy Silverado and a Buick LeSabre. The journey was off to a good start until the right front tire of the Buick blew out.

According to The Wichita Eagle, the boys decided to grab their instruments while they waiting for AAA on U.S. 56 in Kansas.

"Naturally, being the band kids that we are, a couple of us pulled out instruments and started practicing," Woods explains. "We got a little bored, so we decided to have some fun. I present to you, the Wabash Cannonball, Side of the road edition."

Crow played trombone while Cavanaugh joined in on the trumpet. Woods started banging on the roof and Bagley the tapped the tire to form a rhythm section. So far, the impromptu rendition of "Wabash Cannonball" has earned over 137,000 views.

"Wabash Cannonball" dates back to the 19th century. There are several versions of the song, including the 1966 recording by Johnny Cash for his Happiness Is You album.

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