Vince Gill and Amy Grant: Inside Their Love Story

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Christian pop singer Amy Grant and husband Vince Gill did not have the easiest road to happily ever after. Two marriages later, the couple have been together for nearly 20 years. Their love story is a prime example that with a little patience and faith, everything will work out as it should.

Grant and Gill met for the first time in 1993. Grant was married to Christian musician Gary Chapman at the time and Gill was married to singer Janis Oliver. After 17 years of marriage, Grant and Chapman decided to call it quits due to irreconcilable differences.

For anyone thinking that Gill disrupted Grant's marriage, think again. She told AARP that her first marriage "had been rocky from the get-go. I'd been holding steady for 15 years in something that was not easy to hold steady."

After meeting Gill and performing a few times together around Christmas of 1993, Grant was immediately drawn to the country music singer. The chemistry was undeniable and made everything worth the wait. Watch the two perform together below.

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The couple waited to start dating until Grant's divorce was finalized and married in March of 2000. The real struggle at the time was blending their two families. Grant had three children from her marriage with Chapman, and they were working to create a new normal at the peak of their careers. All eyes were on the family and the children, ages 12, 10, and 7 at the time, did not immediately enjoy their new family.

Luckily, the birth of daughter Corrina in 2001 brought everyone together. "[She's] the glue of this whole family," Gill told AARP. "She bonded all of us in a blood way that really did connect us."

Mutual friend Rodney Crowell explained to Taste of Country how perfect the pair is for each other.

"Sometimes one person in your life puts that final block in place, and you step into the ownership of who you are. That was a positive merging right there -- two great, fun-loving, accessible people. They're the perfect couple and parents, fully realized human beings and philanthropists. And there's absolutely no pretension about them, which is very rare."

The couple collaborates during the holiday season with their annual Christmas show, 12 Days of Christmas at the Ryman, which takes place at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

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Vince Gill and Amy Grant: Inside Their Love Story