Screengrab via CBS News

Veteran Who Borrowed Truck During Las Vegas Shooting to Save Lives Awarded New Truck

During the Las Vegas shooting, several heroes stood up to save lives in the midst of chaos. Taylor Winston was one such hero. You may remember his story of bravery when the veteran marine borrowed a truck to transport shooting victims to the hospital. Thanks to his heroism 30 injured people received care before ambulances could even arrive at the scene.

Now, car dealership B5 Motors is now offering Winston a brand new truck. The Gilbert motor dealer's CEO, Shane Beaus, personally offered the heroic veteran a 2013 Ford F-150. Winston accepted the vehicle and says he will use the money from selling his current truck towards benefiting those affected by the Las Vegas shooting.

"It's been really hard to even get myself to come out here and accept a gift of this caliber," said Winston. "But I can turn around and do a lot of good with it so I'm happy to be here."

The former Marine stayed humble during his trip out to Arizona to accept the truck. In spite of all that he's done to serve his country, including on that night in Las Vegas, he still claims, "I've been given a lot more credit than I deserve."