Vertical Chicken Roasting Pans: Can I Use One for a Thanksgiving Turkey? That Depends

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For many people, roasted chicken is one of the finest simple meals out there. The delicious crispy skin from the olive oil, the marinade, the basting, the flavorful and juicy inside, and the ease of cooking a whole chicken is unmatched. One of the best ways to get an even roast is to use a vertical chicken roasting pan, as it ensures the chicken cooks evenly all around, so you get the perfect roast chicken every time.

These vertical roasters from Amazon make it super easy to recreate that rotisserie chicken flavor at home, it's much easier than using an actual rotisserie or a fryer, and the drip pans make for easy cleanup. All that's left to do is whip up some side dishes, like roasted veggies or skewers on an outdoor grill.

Can I Use a Vertical Chicken Roaster for a Turkey?

Robb Report writes, "Larger apparatuses meant for turkeys, in particular, can be a real pain. Not so for Norpro's stainless-steel roaster, which can accommodate poultry of up to six pounds."

So yes, give it a go for small turkeys. We won't try these with large Thanksgiving Turkeys. I mean, they have grown over the years. Here's what we recommend instead:

Turkey Roaster - Original Upside Down Turkey

We know it's not vertical, but... it's so worth trying. The heat is transferred into the inside of the turkey, so cooking time is reduced by 15-20%.

Plus, the stainless steel frame is ready for those huge turkeys we see these days. Surely Grandpa's famous turkey only weighed about 8-12 pounds, but 2021 turkeys are pretty heavy, y'all!

Try it for only $25.

Best Vertical Chicken Roasting Pans from Amazon

Best Cast Iron

1. STAUB Cast Iron Vertical Chicken Roaster

Rather than use several pieces of cookware to prepare dinner, use this Staub cast iron vertical chicken roasting pan for an easy and delicious dinner. If you're like me and love cast iron, you can't go wrong with this option. Just be sure to have some good oven mitts ready!

Cat gave it five stars and wrote, "This funky little roaster makes the most amazing chicken! Wonderful, crispy skin all around ! It catches every drop of drippings so that you can make a delicious sauce! Worth every penny!"

This poultry roaster is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and can be used in the oven or even as a grill pan for backyard BBQ days.

Best 2-Pack

2. Chicken Roaster Rack,2 Pack

This $13 stainless steel vertical roaster set is great for convection ovens and grilling. You can use it for a beer can chicken roaster since a beer can fits in the bottom of the pan and makes for a wonderfully flavorful dinner.

It's best for 3-6 pound chickens and ducks. So, don't throw a large turkey on this!

As for cleaning, it offers easy clean-up. You can hand wash it or throw it in the dishwasher after. Scott gave it five stars and wrote, "Very easy to clean just throw in dishwasher. Plate catches all the juices and grease. Works for big and little chicken."

Best Under $12

3. Fox Run Vertical Chicken Roaster

This non-stick cast iron vertical chicken roaster can hold up to an eight-pound chicken, and it can even be used as a small turkey roaster. This is a must-have kitchen gadget if you love rotisserie chicken since all you need to do is place a sheet pan underneath, and you're on your way to a super easy and delicious dinner.

Now, if you're not too happy about it not having a tray under it to catch juices, opt for one of the first two options. It seems to be a common pain point for customers. However, it's still a great option under $12.

It's easy to clean. Fox Run recommends hand washing.

This post was originally published on July 12, 2021.