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The Best Valentine's Day Discounts for Singles Because Self-Love is Important Too

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many are scrambling to figure out how to celebrate their sweetheart, whether it's a romantic dine-in dinner at the Cheesecake Factory or getting a heart-shaped pizza from California Pizza Kitchen for takeout. Valentine's Day is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love between couples, but this holiday shouldn't only be reserved for those who are taken. Here are the best Valentine's Day discounts for singles to take advantage of.

Whether you're blissfully unattached by choice or healing from a less-then-stellar breakup with your crappy ex, Valentine's Day is as much for you as it is for the annoyingly smitten couple at the table next to you (just give it a year.) You might not be in the mood for a three-course Steakhouse dinner for two this year, but there are still plenty of food deals and freebies to enjoy on your own or with your friends and loved ones.

These deals range from free entrees, Valentine's Day themed sweets, and specials to celebrate the day of love (or empowered singledom). For those who still have rage in your heart about your ex, there are also ways to deal with that. Whether you prefer to simply shred a photo or you want to go all out by symbolically feeding your ex to a tiger, the opportunity is there this Valentine's Day and might involve a food deal as well! If you're on the prowl, there's even a chance to find your next sweetheart in these Valentine's Day singles discounts.


If you're in the camp of wanting to get revenge on your ex, Hooters provides a way to do this that also leaves you with 10 free boneless wings! The "Shed Your Ex" promo involves destroying a photo of your ex, for which you'll receive a coupon for 10 boneless wings for anyone who buys 10 regular wings. You can participate online at or in person at your local Hooters. Plus, Hooters is offering personal Valentine's videos from Hooters Girls for those who need an extra bit of comfort this Valentine's Day. Fans can sign up to receive or gift a video from a Hooters Girl from the chain's pageant and calendar. The proceeds will go to the Hooters Girl's favorite charity.


Qudoba's famous "Qdoba for a Kiss" deal is back this year, giving couples a chance to have a sweet moment together or singles an opportunity for a meet cute. What better way to score a date than to have your first kiss for a free burrito? Just kiss anyone or anything at Qdoba to get your free entree.

Dairy Queen

Although the Dairy Queen special isn't for singles specifically, there's no better way to show yourself some love than by enjoying a Red Velvet Cake Blizzard. The Blizzard is made with pieces of red velvet cake, cream cheese icing and vanilla ice cream. Just head to Dairy Queen for the perfect Valentine's Day treat.

Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's celebrates "knotty love" with its PretzelPerks loyalty rewards program, which you can join by February 14th. All members get a "buy one, get one free Chocolate Frost" beverage for every purchase, whether it's in store or on the app. Treat yourself to a pretzel and a Chocolatey frozen beverage this V-day.


Cinnabon has another trending Valentine's Day deal, because no one can resist a sweet cinnamon bun, especially when it comes with Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Through the 14th, Cinnabon will give free delivery and a Fantasy Sweet Bundle starting at $15. The bundle includes two Classic Rolls and two Cinnamon Roll flavored Cold Brew Iced Coffees. We know this sweet deal was made with couples in mind, but we think that everyone deserves at least two cinnamon buns this holiday.

Kona Grill

Kona Grill's specials are for everyone to enjoy, whether you're taking yourself out to Valentine's Day dinner to enjoy the perks of single life, or you're getting margaritas with your besties. Kona Grill's "KRAVEABLE" specials include Sushi Rolls, Signature Suf & Turfs, Steaks, Margaritas and more.


Chick-fil-A is making Valentine's Day gifts easy with their heart-shaped trays of nuggets, Chick-n-Minis or brownies. Although 30 chicken nuggets might be a bit much for just you, the 10-count trays sound to us like the perfect way to enjoy Valentine's Day when single. This deal is only available at participating locations.

Cry Me a Cockroach

For those more interested in revenge than sweet treats, San Antonio Zoo hosts the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser, whose funds go toward creating a better future for wildlife. To join, donate your share and name a cockroach, rodent or vegetable after your ex, or anyone who's personally offended you this last year. The snack will then be fed to one of the zoo's animals! For participating, you'll receive a video of the snack being fed to the animal, whether it's a tiger, bear or walrus.

Door Dash & Shake Shack

Door Dash and Shake Shack are taking a more hopeful approach to the holiday with their new dating site, Eat Cute. The name is a pun based on the phrase "meet cute," and the delivery services hope that participants will find a new cutie to enjoy future takeout meals with. Singles will set up their profiles and then connect to others in the area. If they so choose, they can then share their Instagram profile and continue the conversation.

Even if things don't progress, users still gain from the experience. After matching, each user receives a promo code for a free Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Shake Shack, delivered by DoorDash. Plus, those who share a screenshot of their profile on Twitter with the hashtags #EatCuteWithDoorDash and #Sweepstakes have the chance to win a DoorDash gift card for $5,000. Customers also get free fries on orders of $15 or more.


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New members at Winc get four bottles of wine for only $30 for V-day. Although it might be best to save some of those bottles for a game night with friends, you totally deserve to open one on Valentine's Day for a date with yourself. Who needs cupid and three-course meals when you can enjoy amazingly cheap wine and a night to yourself? Get a carton of your favorite ice cream, put on your favorite movie, and you're all set.

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