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Guinness Is Opening a Brewery in the US and You'll Never Guess Where

Have you always dreamed about taking a trip to Ireland just for the ultimate Guinness experience, but never had the chance? Well your luck is about to change because Guinness has announced they will be opening a new brewery right here in the United States. Forget international fare, a frothy pint straight from the source is only a hop, skip, and jump away.

According to a Guinness News release, owner Diageo Beer Company USA is calling the $80 million production facility Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House and it's set to open August 3rd. This will be the first time the sweet nectar of Guinness will have been brewed on U.S. soil 1954 and the "first ever purpose-built Guinness brewery in American history."

Like the St. Jame's Gate brewery in Dublin Ireland, they will be doing some experimental beers. The small batch brews will be served onsite at the taproom, with the possibility of regional and national sales in the future. The brewhouse will also focus on brewing their Guinness Blonde American Lager for distribution in the United States and Canada.

Beyond the beer, guests can enjoy what I'm sure is going to be some tasty grub, purchase all the Guinness merch their heart desires, and be able to get an inside look at the operations and history of Guinness by signing up for a tour. Now that's one brewery tour beer lovers definitely don't want to miss.


So what lucky state will be the new home of the Guinness brewery? That would be none other than Maryland. The brewery will be located on 60 acres just southwest of Baltimore in what used to be the Calvert distillery. There they hope to not only continue on with the Guinness legacy, but also help the community by increasing the local economy and provide around 160 jobs.

For anyone interested, Maryland is also home to Flying Dog and my personal favorite, Burley Oak Brewing. Since it is opening in summer, it'd be the perfect time to hit up all three, and possibly a few more, for a killer Maryland brewery road trip.

And if you're wondering about the signature Irish Guinness stout, sadly it will be left to the motherland to be brewed. Sigh. Looks like we might have to book that international flight after all.

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